BOOK DESIGN/COVERS: Designing covers for electronic or print books.

COMMERCIAL/TRAILERS: Affordable production of trailers/commercials for small businesses and authors for Youtube, Metacafe, Veoh, and other video sites, websites, social media sites, and newletters, etc.

EDITORIAL SERVICES: Editorial services available for authors and small businesses, from manuscript to newsletter editing.

EBOOK CONVERSIONS: Converting manuscripts/small publications into electronic formats for Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble and Apple.

NEWSLETTERS: Compile needed email lists/blasts for authors. Upkeep and maintain client list.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Helping authors’ and small businesses’ social networking requirements, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedn, etc.

INFORMATION/EDUCATION: Providing information, education, and guidance for writers.

MARKETING: Specialized marketing help for authors and small businesses.

WEB DESIGN: Affordable web design for authors and small businesses.