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Premier Commercial/Book Trailer:$399.00 – Includes video length of less than one minute, special effects, no voice over, limited photos, and upload on several sites.

Elite Commercial/Book Trailer:$550.00 – $650.00 – Includes video length of over one minute, special effects, limited voice over, photos, video inserts, and upload on several sites

Book Video Trailer of Born at Midnight by CC Hunter

Book Video Trailer of Color of Dreams by Tia Dani

Book Video Trailer of Running with the Devil by Kerrie Droban

Book Video Trailer Prodigal Father Pagan Son by Kerrie Droban

Book Video Trailer of The Long Road Home by Carol Waltz

Strategic Training Solution Business Commercial

Book Video Trailer of A Knight’s Wish by Linda Andrews

Book Video Trailer Dancing in the Kitchen by Linda Andrews

Book Video Trailer of On Wings of Love by Kim Watters

Sonoran Enviroscapes Business Commercial

The Bread & Butter Chronicles by Starr Cochran

Soujon’s Journey by Marlee Morgan

A Man of His Word by Sarah M. Anderson

Addiction by Lynne Logan