Custom Book Cover and Graphic Design ServicesAlong with formatting, web site design and other author services, we offer custom book cover and graphic design services.

We are aware that your cover is your biggest marketing and branding tool. We keep that in mind as well as our clients desires. When looking into getting a cover designed for your book, consider if the book cover is tasteful, attractive and visually appealing? Does it stand out or blend into the background? Does your book cover design convey the brand/theme you are trying to convey?  Is it relative to your target market? Fees vary, depending on complexity and number of images. We are always happy to give a design quote. Prices begin at $150 for an electronic book, which includes up to 2 stock images. Print covers begin at $250.

You can view a large portion of our portfolio here.

Twitter & Facebook Banners: $75
Facebook teasers: $50 and $15 for each additional teaser
Website Banners: $100

Let us help you with your custom book cover or any graphic design service you need to jump start your writing career.